Shares Darting into the Red Near Term: Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. (NYSE:KNX), and Lamar Advertising Company (REIT) (NASDAQ:LAMR)

Shares of Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. (NYSE:KNX) have climbed in the previous month. During that time period, shares are up 4.59% which has provided some nice profits for investors who may be looking to take advantage of the recent gains. Focusing in on the past five trading days, shares have changed 2.16%. Year-to-date, the stock has performed 26.06%.

Street analysts have given views on company stock . According to data from First Call, Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. (NYSE:KNX) has a consensus recommendation of 2.20. This recommendation falls on a scale from 1 to 5 where a 1 or 2 indicates a Buy recommendation, 3 a Hold and 4-5 a Sell.  Analysts monitor the topsy-turvy day-to-day movement of equities and are able to provide an unbiased assessment of the “state of the stock”.

Tracking some technical levels, shares are trading 6.68% away from the 50 day simple moving average and 20.00% off of the 200 day simple moving average.

The simple moving average is the most common method used to calculate the moving average of prices.  It takes the sum of all of the past closing prices over a specific time period and divides the result by the number of prices used in the calculation.  Increasing the number of time periods in the calculation is an effective way to ascertain the strength of the long-term trend and/or the likelihood that it might reverse.  Some argue that this type of average is not necessarily useful because each data point in the series has the exact same impact on the result no matter where it occurs in the sequence.  

Recently, the stock has been noted -3.28% away from it’s 52- week high and 61.13% separated from its 52 week low. After the recent increase in the stock price, investors might also be looking to see if the stock has entered overbought territory and possibly be primed for a pullback. Traditionally, a stock is thought to be overbought when the Relative Strength Index moves above 70. As of this writing, Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.’s RSI stands at 69.31 . In looking at volatility levels, the shares saw weekly volatility of 2.22% and 2.45% over the past month.

Investors who took positions in shares of Lamar Advertising Company (REIT) (NASDAQ:LAMR) are riding high as the stock has performed solidly over the past few months, marking a 16.84% increase for the quarter.  Drilling down, the stock is 1.52% for the past month and 2.73% for the week. Despite the tumultous week, investors holding steadfast look to continue to see near-term gains despite the global uncertainty. 

Session Update

At the session level, shares of Lamar Advertising Company (REIT) (NASDAQ:LAMR) moved 0.14% from the open. The most recent bid on the stock was registered at $76.28. Further, company shares have been seen trading -3.55% off of the 52 week high and 22.15% away from the 52 week low. Narrowing in further, the stock has been recently noted at -2.08% away from the 50 day high and 17.19% separated from the 50 day low.

Analyst Views

Wall Street firms hire hundreds of analysts who provide recommendations on stocks.  Typically, these analysts look at a company’s fundamentals, building financial models from this information in order to project future trends, specifically future earnings.  These projections are then used as a basis for providing “buy” or “sell” recommendations.  Many investors consider these recommendations very seriously, and often times whenever an analyst changes their outlook on a stock, the price change almost immediately.

Wall Street brokerage firms that regularly cover the stock have provided price targets and recommendations on Lamar Advertising Company (REIT) (NASDAQ:LAMR). According to First Call, the consensus price target for the company is $73.57. The consensus recommendation provided by analysts is currently 2.80. This number is based on a scale from 1 to 5. Analysts rating the company a 1 or 2 indicate a Buy recommendation. Analysts rating the company a 4 or 5 indicate a Sell recommendation. Analysts rating the company a 3 indicate a Hold recommendation.

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